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I'm not exactly a fashion blogger, but...

You know how fashion bloggers can take a photo of themselves and get their whole outfit in the picture? Ya, I can’t do that. I tried like 25 times.

But, I’m wearing my Cozy Cottage yellow floral tank today and thought you for sure needed to see it on because you loved it to much on the hanger. It’s super flowy, which I love because I’ve had 3 kids and just lost 40 lbs so I have a lot of squishy parts 🤷‍♀️, and I don’t want you to see them 😂.

Also wearing my OMG jeans from Cozy. Elastic waistband guys. Boyfriend jeans with an elastic waistband. That actually keeps your jeans up. Other muffin top, jean tugging ladies can I get an amen?! If you haven’t heard of these jeans, look them up. They’re pretty magical.

And as per usual, my Birkenstocks. Haven’t taken them off since Gale Nation told me to buy them a year ago in Las Vegas. They’re worth every penny.

But I love feeling amazing in what I wear, what are some of your favorite pieces?

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