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I'm not having it this time...

I posted about my uncomfortableness with the photos that I had taken.

I want to expand on that post a bit. Although I didn’t feel confident and the result (my result, not the photographer’s) wasn’t what I had hoped, I don’t feel any “less” than I did before the photos.

Do I know I need to practice posing and getting more comfortable in front of a camera? Yes. Did I go and buy a tripod with a light ring so I can set up a photo station in my office and practice? Yes. Does that mean I suck as a human being? No. It means I need to practice this skill. It means I need to find ways to embrace my awkwardness and turn it into an advantage.

I was enough when I walked into the library and I was enough when I walked out. I was enough when I was scared to do it and I was enough when I did it scared. I was enough when I shared that the result wasn’t what I had hoped and I am enough right now.

When things don’t play out the way you want, it doesn’t affect your worthiness as a human being. We so often get wrapped up in that, though. If we miss the mark (who sets the mark anyway?) on something we attack ourselves.

I’m not having it this time.

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