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In the words of Ross Geller... P I V O T

We all know the classic “pivot!” Friends scene in the stairwell with Ross and Chandler. PIVOT!

You will notice a shift happening in our business from selling mostly in brick and mortar shops to selling more online. You’ll notice a drop in our pricing for some items and a bundle system starting to emerge.

What I’ve learned over the course of the last couple months is that you LOVE high quality, handmade products but you also LOVE bargain pricing. You want unique, beautiful products, at prices that make you feel great about your purchases.

There are a few ways for me to deliver that and one of them is to sell directly to you. If I’m not sharing 20-50% of the retail price with a B&M store, I can pass that 20-50% savings on to you. Essentially, giving you wholesale pricing.

The second way to get to that basement bargain price for you, is to sell to you in a bundle. Mystery bags allow me to streamline my making and shipping processes so much that I can shave even more money off the pricing. Time=money.

The third way I can save you money is packaging. Cutting down on packaging expenses, like switching from custom printed earring cards to generic pineapple cards, saves money. Custom packaging is very expensive.

Those three things combined allow me to bring you a much less expensive product line in the Mystery Bag format. 🙌

For me to make this pivot, to bring you the same quality and uniqueness in the products that you’re accustomed to receiving from me, I’m going to need a little bit of help from you. I need you to help me spread the word. If I’m no longer getting as much sales and exposure from B&M stores, I’m going to need my online buds to shout from the rooftops that you love your Compton Co; mystery bags. That you love the unique pieces and handmade with love quality. That you love supporting small business.

All the stores that we will no longer be carried in have been notified and you’ll see that transition happen over the next two months.

I’ll continue to be transparent with you as we make moves and continue to “PIVOT!” to serve you and bring a more balance to my life.

Next round of mystery grab bags will release this week and they’re going to be fabric button pieces and a super special charm grab bag 🙌. 4 different bags in total but only a handful of each, as these are not overstocks, I’m making the product specifically for the bags for the first time.

I can’t wait to continue this journey with you and learn how to be the best little jewelry maker I can for you. As always, I’m so grateful for your time, love and support 😊.


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