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Increased capacity...

You guys know I love my Start Today journal by Rachel Hollis. She had a big Cyber Monday sale on journals so I bought my mom one, my friend one and myself a new one.

I have one that isn’t completed yet, but I bought a new one and abandoned my half completed book.


Since becoming a Story Athlete my capacity to dream has increased. My dreams are bigger and more audacious now, but more importantly they’re more focused on what I want to be contributing to the world, instead of what I want to be getting for myself.

I needed a fresh Start Today Journal to re-evaluate my dreams.

Most of my dreams last time were about money and weight loss. Looking back at those dreams, I can see how self centered they were. I only knew what I knew then though.

There is not a single weight goal on my dream list now. There is a goal to complete a full year of GRIT with no misses though.

My half marathon is still there, but I’m getting close to knocking that off the list.

Then there’s tons of goals about how I’m going to help other people. Certain salary requirements I would like to meet for my team. Putting on transformative Kindhearted Badass retreats where women can see how powerful they are when they become the author of their own story, not a character in someone else’s book. Sharing Story Athlete and GRIT with as many people as I can because it’s literally changed life.

3.5 months of being a Story Athlete has taken me from looking at myself and what I can achieve, to looking at all of you and hopefully helping you see what you can achieve.

My capacity to dream has gone from dreaming just for me, to dreaming big enough for all of us.

Increased capacity is a skill I never knew I needed but am so grateful to have found.

How and where can you increase your capacity?

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