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Increased Capacity

Increased capacity.

Two cycles ago Shawn was my partner. I had a situation where I was derailed by a family death and had to handle a lot of extra things on my plate for several days. Serious things. I wasn’t able to be as active in GRIT as I normally was and I had apologized to my team for not being present and just doing the minimum to get by.

Shawn reminded me of this principle and told me I had increased my capacity and was able to do the minimum requirements of my life while simultaneously handling all the additional things that were piled on top of me that week.

He gave me a new perspective on my capacity. Yes, I was only doing the minimum but nothing crashed to the floor, I kept all my plates spinning.

Right now, I’m in a bit of a different situation. I’m sick and my capacity is limited. I’m not physically able to increase my capacity because my energy levels are much lower than they normally are and I’m in pain. I could look at this negatively (which to be honest, I have been) or I can try to find the places where this illness has made me have to increase my capacity.

The main place it’s increased my capacity is in my clarity. My capacity to be crystal clear on things has had to improve, because I do have limited energy right now, so I can’t afford to waste any. I’ve had to push things off my plate and be very clear on what the most important parts of my life are and make sure those are achieved each day.

1. Keep my kids alive and my household functioning.
2. GRIT workouts and contexts.

That’s it, that’s all I have the capacity for right now. I halted several Compton Co; projects. I haven’t been writing additional stories. It’s hard to think well when you don’t feel well, so I make sure I get one good writing done per day and that’s my GRIT context (this is my GRIT context for the day). Other stories, additional IODs, social media posts, pictures etc are on the back burner until I feel better.

The silver lining of this illness so far has been my capacity to be clear on what the most important things to me are. Growing my family and growing myself through GRIT. Those were the only things that made the cut when it came right down to it.

Why would I choose GRIT over my business to focus on when I have limited energy? Because my health has come too far in the last 4 months to let it slide backward. Yes, I’m not making as much money as I could if I would have chosen to allocate that energy to business, so Chris and I moved some money around to make sure we are covering my income for now. My business momentum may slide backward while I’m working through my pee problems, but I can get that back with time.

My health though, if I let that slide backward, it will take 10 times as long to get back. Then eventually lack of health will knock me back down to my 240 lb place of misery, and my business would fail anyway.

I’m aware how close to the surface my lesser self resides and the second I decide to take a month off to “recoup” she could easily take the wheel and run us off a cliff.

I have to protect my healthy lifestyle momentum at all cost. Even if that means a business backslide, because if I don’t keep my health top of mind, I know where I’ll end up and I’m not willing to go back there.

P.S. Bri and my mom are keeping most Compton Co; things afloat for me until I’m feeling better, but some things, like writing stories or designing collections, are things that only I can do. So so grateful for those girls. ❤️

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