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It's just a blanket...

Story time!

Today when I picked up the two little boys from daycare, the girl at the front desk comes running to tell me that another parent accidentally took Cooper’s nap bag home. The contents of said bag are one crib sheet, 1 small blanket.

She goes on to say she has called that family and asked them to bring it back.

Me: ok, no big deal. 
FD Girl: Man, you guys are really easy going. 
Me: It’s just a blanket 🤷‍♀️. 
FD Girl: You have no idea how many parents would have yelled at me about this.

Moral of this little story: don’t be the jerk parents who yell at the front desk girl because an accident happened!

What is happening in the world that this girl is terrified to tell me Cooper’s blanket was ACCIDENTALLY taken home by someone else?!

Come on parents, we can do better than this! We should not be so neurotic that we are actually frightening the people who take care of our children ALL DAY LONG.

Taking care of my three kids all day long exhausts me and these ladies have dedicated their whole lives to taking care of ALL of the children. All of the 5 and under children.

We should be showering them with freaking rose petals and wine, not yelling at them for dumb crap.

Preschool teachers, I’m sending out a personal apology for every idiot who has yelled at you for something ridiculous. I’m sorry 😞.

❤️a really appreciative mom.

PS this is my “I’m disappointed in humanity” face. 😒

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