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It's not about the workout

January 2020 GRIT is almost over, we have 6 more days to go of GRIT round 4.

This month was my first month as a leader and I was BLESSED with the team I was gifted. Let me introduce you to the Kindhearted Badasses.

Amber, with her beautiful words that flit like a butterfly on your screen and her spunky spirit that grabs you and doesn’t let go. She loves so BIG and we got to be on the receiving end of that this month. She’s been one of my favorite StoryAthletes since my very first day when we wrote our shit lists in the writing challenge in September and realized we are soul sisters for life.

Dani, with her reflective soul and gargantuan heart. She brings sincere positivity to every single day and her stories always shine a bright, warm light on things that seem a little dark for me. She’s also physically one of the strongest women I’ve ever seen (and she’s tiny, which makes it even more mind blowing to me). She’s a daily inspiration for what I can be if I don’t give up.

Kelly, my real life best friend of 20 years was placed with me for her first round of GRIT and I can’t tell you how special it was to watch her badass start bubbling up again. This girl is one of the most fiercely loyal people, will straight up cut you over someone she loves and I get the pleasure of being someone she loves, which makes me the luckiest ever. I’m so proud of her for loving herself enough to come on this journey with me.

Brian, man, I love Brian’s energy SO MUCH. Every morning he comes in our chat and gives us a pep talk or fun nicknames. He brings almost child like eyes to each day and it’s so beautifully refreshing to be around someone who oozes joy. Someone who sees things with rose colored glasses. I’ve been in GRIT for four months and this is the first month I’ve really gotten to know him and he may not know it but he’s never getting rid of me now.

Doug, my small town guy with the biggest dreams and an even bigger heart. What I love about Doug is that he’s been knocked down in life, seriously knocked down, but he always gets up. He’s in his 50s rebuilding his body and mind so he can go another 50 years of rounds in tip top shape. Doug is scrappy, he does whatever it takes to make it happen but he’s humble, loving and compassionate at the same time. Doug has become a dear friend to me in the two months we’ve been teammates and I hope he realizes the impact he’s making on me every day.

Annie, the newest member of this rag tag squad had a health issue that knocked her out of the game but boy, this girl was tenacious. Annie would do her grueling workouts at 2am sometimes after a full day as a bustling real estate agent and fierce mama. She was our anchor, bringing us home every night and everyone knows you need a strong anchor.

I stole the title of this story from my teammate Brian, and it couldn’t be more true. It’s not about the workout. GRIT has never been about the workouts. It’s about the friendships. It’s about helping people. It’s about strengthening your mind. It’s about proving to yourself that you can do it. It’s about finding yourself again. It’s about uncovering your kindhearted badassness.

It’s never been about the workouts though.

The deadline to sign up for Feb GRIT is Jan 31. If you have the slightest desire to join us, trust your gut like I did and make the jump. You won’t regret it.

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