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I've tried it all..

My Peeps...

After my first round of GRIT in October, I shared my results after the next round started.

Then a bunch of people reached out to me and asked if they could come do it with me in November, and it was too late to get them in.

I felt terrible!

It never occurred to me that any of you would want to join me, I was just sharing my story like I always do, so I didn’t look at the timing of the post.

I really tried to be better about it going into December in case you guys wanted to become StoryAthletes and so far 4 girls have jumped in with me.

We have our own private chat in there called “My Peeps” and we became our own little team, outside of our assigned teams.

My Peeps have become my #foreverfriends even though I’ve never even met two of them in person yet. We share our stories, like the real deal, here’s what’s holding me back in life kind of stories. We cheer each other on and pick each other up.

Tomorrow January 2nd is the last day to join us for January GRIT if you want to become one of our Peeps.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about GRIT and if your physical ability is what’s holding you back from signing up, please listen to me. I’ve seen people do chair sit ups, walk the entire 5k, and I started my StoryAthlete journey doing pushups and burpees on my kitchen sink because I couldn’t do them from the floor yet. We have people who can’t physically hang from the pull up bar yet so they use weights to work on their grip strength until they can.

Not one single person in that group has ever been shamed for taking a modification. It’s the exact opposite. Everyone cheers for you even louder because we all know how much courage it takes to start where you are.

If your fear of quitting on yourself, yet again, is what’s holding you back, listen to me. I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get my weight under control and improve my fitness.

Diet Bet, where I actually bet money on myself that I would succeed. Failed. Lost my money.

Several different personal trainers. Zumba. Beach Body. Couch to 5k. Signing up for 5ks that I never trained for and pretended like I forgot about. Elliptical warrior at the gym.

I’ve tried it all.

GRIT is different and the fact that me, the consummate quitter, has stuck with it is proof of that.

You have today and tomorrow to decide if January 2020 is going to be the month you take a chance on yourself. At midnight tomorrow the doors close for January GRIT.

If you want more info, let me know. I don’t want to be in a position where I let people down by not posting early enough again. That made me feel like garbage.

Peeps, I can’t wait to keep growing with you! I love you!

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