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Kindhearted Badass

Kindhearted: adj. having a kind and sympathetic nature.

Badass: n. a person considered impressive due to courage, skill and/or toughness.

Put them together: a kind and sympathetic person, considered impressive due to courage, skill and/or toughness.

Kindhearted badasses do hard things. We don’t say we “can” do hard things, anyone CAN do hard things. We show up and actually DO hard things. We’re resilient suckers and ain’t nothing gonna keep us down.

Kindhearted badasses know they hold the pen and they choose to write themselves an epic story because we are the authors of our lives. We wield our mighty pens like the powerful tools they are, constantly making edits and rewriting our scripts.

Kindhearted badasses are first and foremost kind. Kindness is free and we sprinkle that shit EVERYWHERE.

Kindhearted badasses are grateful as fuck. We know that you can’t be bitter, depressed, stressed, angry, or sad while simultaneously being grateful so we actively choose gratitude as our go to emotion. Life is beautiful and we seek beauty even in the most difficult times.

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