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Kindhearted Badass Code

Kindhearted Badass Code:

I do hard things.

We do not say “we CAN do hard things” we actually DO hard things.

I hold the pen.

We write the story of our own lives. No one holds the pen but you. Use it to write a beautiful script.

Kindness is my superpower.

We are kindhearted and don’t let the world steal that from us. Kindness is free, sprinkle that shit everywhere.

Gratitude is gangster.

We are immensely grateful for everything that is. Expressing gratitude for the past and present is mandatory for growth into the future.

Kindhearted badass.

We empower ourselves and each other. We sprinkle kindness like confetti and dish out tough LOVE (emphasis on the love) when necessary. We do badass shit and show the world they can too.

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