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Let me tell you a story about... ME

Now let me tell you a story about me. For the first two months of GRIT I was voted MVP of my team. GRIT 3 just ended and we haven’t cast our votes for that one yet.

Why did I win that? Because I show up HARD for my team. I love them, encourage them, cheer for them, pick them up when they’re down, listen to them, learn from them, and do the hard work in the trenches with them.

I’m not telling you I got that award to brag, I’m telling you so you know that if you decide to become a StoryAthlete and join GRIT, I’m automatically on your team. I will go hard for you and I will not let you quit on me but more importantly I will not let you quit on yourself.

If you desperately need a team to do life with, like I did, become a StoryAthlete. We have room on our roster for you.

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