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Let’s do life

If you ask Chris, I speak wrong. If you ask me, I talk just fine 😂.

I say things like, “are you going to do fishing today?” Instead of, “are you going fishing?”

“What are you guys going to do, kayaking?” Instead of “are you going to go kayaking?”

I’m going to “do” everything. Even if it’s the wrong way to say it, I’m still “doing” it.

We got married in a tiny chapel on a Wednesday afternoon with four guests (whoever didn’t have to work that day, that’s who came). I wore a $30 Dress Barn lace tea length dress and Chris wore a plaid button down. I had no flowers. We had no wedding party. I changed into jeans and a tank top afterward, went and picked Cash up from daycare and went out to eat with Chris’s family.

It was perfect for us.

Our preacher was also perfect for us. He told us during the ceremony how awesome it was that we get to “do life together.”

Later Chris was like, “I cannot believe he said do life!” because he has been making fun of me and my “do” talk for the last 6 years. 😂.

Every day I’m so grateful I get to do life with him. Doing life isn’t always fun or happy. Doing life is tough and takes a lot of commitment and tenacity. I wouldn’t choose anyone else to do life with but Chris Compton.

Typewriter customs close tonight at midnight. I can’t wait to make these for you with the words and phrases that are meaningful for you. ❤️h


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