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Leveling up...

Leveling up is effin’ hard.

In life, we are encouraged to get to the next level, of everything. Get the promotion at work. Get married. Have a baby. Buy a house. Get a raise. Level up, whatever you’re doing, the goal is to level up.

It’s been so long since I’ve had something to level up in, that I forgot how hard leveling up is.

Right now, I have just leveled up or am on the verge of leveling up in multiple areas of my life.

Business....I’m learning new things and stretching myself to step into uncharted territory. Marketing and software and concepts that are foreign.

GRIT....I am a leader this month which is new and hard in and of itself. That leadership role has caused me to push myself to the next level in my workouts. F5 when I usually do F3. I’m not doing it just for me anymore. I’m an example to others, so I have to level up.

Riding lessons....stepping up to more responsive and unpredictable horses. This is forcing me to have to grow my horsemanship quickly, as to not get literally trampled by a sassy mare.

Everyone tells you to level up. They forget to tell you how hard it is on the ground floor of the next level though. No one reminds you that you’re going to feel like an infant trying to learn to walk all over again.

You forget this yourself because by the time you’re ready to level up, you’ve gotten pretty good at your previous level. You’re confident in your ability, which is how you get to the next level to begin with.

Then you get there and you’re like “WTF, why do I suck so bad? I was just awesome 3 days ago!”

So as I sit here, reminding myself that leveling up is just effin’ hard and doesn’t mean I suck at life, I wanted to take a moment to remind you, too.

Leveling up is effin’ hard. You’re still awesome, even though you don’t feel like it right now.

Hopefully we both remember this when we level up again, and aren’t so blindsided by it next time. If not, I’ll just keep writing this same story for us, over and over, as we climb.

Pic: Maggie the mare after our lesson Grit & Grace Ranch, in the frigid 20° cold. We made it through some serious obstacles together today and I’m proud of both of us.

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