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Life is a Team Sport

Life is a team sport...

I woke up yesterday having acquired the “junk”. The little boys are back in school three days a week and they’ve already shared their germs. I’m not sure why they’re so free to share their germs when they won’t share their toys but, whatever.

I normally like to wake up at 5am and do my writing. I turned the 5 o’clock alarm off and slept until 8. I was struggling.

The first thing I did when I woke was post to my GRIT team...I feel like death, tell me what to buy to make the death go away.

Until I joined GRIT, not even StoryAthlete, GRIT in particular, I hadn’t realized that the missing thing in my life that I was longing for was a team. In my prior career I was always on a team or leading a team. I’m a team player. I’ll work much harder for the good of the team than I will for myself.

I’ve mistakenly been looking at myself as a lone wolf in my business.

One text message from my virtual assistant changed my perspective (her real title should be cat herder, because trying to keep me in line is like herding cats, so that’s forever what I’m going to refer to her as going forward).

I thanked her for something she had done and she said, “I’m on your team 😉

Gut. Punch.

Of course she’s on my team! She’s been on my team for two damn years!

I was so self centered, self involved and feeling sorry for myself that I wasn’t appreciating everything I have.

I was being a real bitch writing all these stories about being a solopreneur and having to go it alone, when I’m actually surrounded by a team every single day.

My mom has moved back from Florida and she’s been helping me make all the glass pieces. I can’t keep up with all the parts of the business and production at the same time. I have classes all weekend and need to drop my kids off for two days. Team member? Duh.

Bri handles every single piece of tech I have. Team member/cat herder.

I’m working on a partnership with a student turned friend to help with the button side of the business that I can’t keep up with on my own. Team member.

Every person who likes, comments or shares a post....team member. Every person who buys a necklace or comes to an event...team member. Every person who sends me an encouraging message about GRIT....team member.

Life is a team sport, and I’ve had a badass team this whole time and was just being blind and ungrateful.

Shame on me.

Now that my eyes are opened to what an amazing team I already have, I’m so excited to take on the game of life with you! Yes you...you’re reading this? You’re officially on the team.

Team Kindhearted Badass. I think we need jerseys...

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