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Look at my Fancy Nails!

Ok, I got some fancy new nails and I need to share them! Chris is tired of hearing me talk about how fancy I am 😂

Have you guys tried Color Street? I had never even heard of them until my mom told me about them. I was a little leery because I had tried Jamberry before and didn’t like them at all. 

These are freaking awesome because they’re actually real nail polish so I can take them off withregular polish remover! Woot! 

I LOVE having fancy nails and I’m super obsessed with these because I can get fancy nails at home. 

OBSESSED. And I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t share this inexpensive option to be FANCY. My sister tried them too and said she’s never going to go back to regular polish again. SAME! 💅

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