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Me & My Wine...

Installment 3 of the things that I’ve changed that have improved my health as a whole....drum roll...I stopped drinking.

I know you’re like, say what?! Every single event we’ve ever come to see you at is centered around wine, Heather. Classes at Total Wine, pop ups at wineries, wine in your garage for goodness sake! So what gives?

GRIT. I know you’re getting tired of that answer but it’s the honest truth.

I was still having a glass (bottle...) of wine with Chris in the evenings through most of round 1 of GRIT. And I would wake up the next day feeling like hot garbage. Before pushing my body to its limits though, I just kind of thought that feeling was normal. I was used to it.

Several days of GRIT round 1 I was so tired by the end of the day I would skip cocktail time with Chris and head straight to bed. The mornings after those days, magically, I felt less like a dumpster fire and more like a human.

Sometimes I would have as little as a half glass of wine and still wake up engulfed in trashy flames.

I kept telling Chris I think it’s the alcohol that’s making me feel like this. He said I was being crazy, that I barely had anything to drink.Towards the end of GRIT round 1, I realized this was going to be a lifestyle thing for me and I just naturally stopped drinking. I didn’t make some big decision or declaration. I just stopped.

I’m asking my body to do things I’ve never asked of it before, so I need to support it with things like water 💧. Weird, right? You can’t live on a steady diet of wine and then expect to have peak performance. Who knew?!

Since late October I can count the times I’ve had a drink on one hand. 3. It’s 3. My mom’s wedding Dec 6th, New Years Day for my family Christmas celebration, and a couple weeks ago with Chris. Three drinks in 3 months and none of them were the worth it, honestly.

I don’t miss alcohol. The physical benefits of abstaining far outweigh the social benefits of having it. My body functions so much better and my mind is clearer.

Alcohol...tell me your thoughts. 👇 Could you quit, have you quit, you never drank to begin with, do you think I’m a lunatic and you’re never giving up your Chardonnay? What say you?

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