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Me & my writing

Me and my writing...

Yesterday I told you my pee had prompted me to try to help you, since you so graciously tried to help me (pee problems are way more common than I thought. Still no answers).

I told you about the three things I’ve done recently that have significantly affected my holistic health for the better: daily exercise, daily writing, and quitting alcohol. Scroll back if you missed the story about daily exercise.

Today: we write.

Actually, every day I write. I’ve found my daily writing requirements inside StoryAthlete to be the best mental health tool, ever. I’m forced each day, through the writing prompts I’m given, to examine myself in ways I otherwise wouldn’t.

Yesterday we wrote about respect, today we are writing about forcing ourselves to learn how to do things. We’ve written about self view, strategy, obstacles, inspiration, alchemy, transformation, talent, balance and on and on and on.

I usually share my writings from GRIT here, in a very public forum, but there are tons of people who just write for themselves and post it inside GRIT and other than our teammates, no one ever sees it, and that’s great too. Why? Because we write for ourselves first.

We write to ourselves, about ourselves and for ourselves. We use it as therapy and as a map for getting ourselves to where we want to go. We affirm our strengths and recognize our weaknesses.

The most important thing we do with our daily writing though, is learn to write ourselves as the hero of our story.

The pen (keyboard) is a powerful tool. You can wield it against any obstacle and write yourself to the other side.

I urge you, if you are struggling with anything, I don’t care what it is, pick up your pen and write yourself a new story. It will completely transform your life. ✍️


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