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Mediation Monday

Meditation Monday

I wrote last week how all the days of the week run together for Chris and I. A Tuesday feels like a Saturday and how we don’t live for the weekends or dread Mondays.

Let me give you the flip side of that coin. Every day feels the same. There’s no set “break time”, especially for an entrepreneur.

I am very bad about working every single day and stressing myself out over it. There’s always something to be done (right now it’s finish Cozy’s customs and finish the DIY kits, both which are VERY time consuming tasks) so it makes you feel guilty about taking any breaks.

If I worked a regular job, my day off would be my day off and I would just finish my stuff when I got back. You get the mental break from your impending tasks forced upon you by lack of proximity. You’re at home. The work is at work. There’s a distance between you.

I’ve been waking up at 5am every day since I started the StoryAthlete program. I wake up early to get my writing done before the kids wake up. I don’t have a story “assignment” yet today but I woke up at 5 anyway, thinking I would work instead.

I made my tea, I drank my glass of water while I waited for it to steep, and then sat on the couch. The dread of the day started to take over. I know I need to take a day for my family today because they deserve a stress free mom moment (Chris is off work) but I also know I have SO MUCH work to do.

So instead of heading downstairs to work, I sat here and meditated.

Meditation gets a bad rep. People think it’s woo woo, mystical, magical nonsense.

I’ve been doing some sort of meditation practice off and on for about a year now. I started with guided and have now worked my way to Emily Fletcher’s Ziva technique.

When I’m feeling off, out of sorts, worried, and stressed meditation brings me back to center. Brings me back to the realization that there are NO JEWELRY EMERGENCIES but there are kids standing in front of me who need their mother to be calm and relaxed. A husband who needs attention and love.

Today, I’m taking the day off. No, I’m not caught up. No, I’m not going to worry about it.

Today, on this meditation Monday, I am going to cuddle this boy who just climbed on my lap until I have to wake up his brother for school.

Do you guys meditate? What practice do you use?

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