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Meet Heroic Heather...

Alter Ego....

Sasha Fierce. “Sasha Fierce is the fun, more sensual, more aggressive, more outspoken side and more glamorous side that comes out when I’m working and when I’m on the stage.” -Beyonce

Iron Cowboy: “when I put the sunglasses on, I become the Iron Cowboy.” The Iron Cowboy persona has become James Lawrence’s push, to get back on the bike, back on the road, get up off the ground when he doesn’t want to. What started by wearing a cowboy hat during marathons so his kids could find him in the crowd, has turned into a complete alter ego that pushes him to do superhuman things.

Goggins vs. David Goggins. In a recent interview on Ed Mylett’s podcast David Goggins, widely renowned as the toughest man on the planet, said “David” is the person he was born. “Goggins” is the person he created and “I fucking love that guy.”

Slim Shady is Eminem’s alter ego that allows him to do and say the things he would normally not because of societal norms. The “dark, evil, creatively sick” part of himself. The things that make Marshal Mathers so controversial and arguably great at his craft.

All of the above are the best of the best in their respective fields. All of them wrote a character script for themselves that was better than the person they were born. A character they could live out to become their best selves.

This phenomenon of the alter ego keeps popping up and has me questioning, should we create alter egos to allow ourselves to win at the game of life?

If I don’t believe Heather can actually run a half marathon, do I believe Heroic Heather can? If I don’t actually believe, deep down, that Heather will lose the 50 more lbs she needs to, do I think Heroic Heather has a shot at that? If I don’t believe that Heather can successfully scale her business and create an army of kind humans doing badass shit at the same time, do I believe Heroic Heather can?

My friend Amber calls her lesser self, little a, and her heroic self big A. I’ve deemed my heroic self Heroic Heather or HH. James Lawrence...Iron Cowboy. Beyonce...Sasha Fierce. David Goggins....Goggins. Marshall Mathers.....Slim Shady. Heather Compton....Heroic Heather. It seems ridiculous to Heather to start listing HH with the greats....but Heroic Heather would not have made the list to begin with. She would be too busy building and training the army to be worried about someone else’s pretend name.

Heroic Heather is on a mission. She has important work to do. She’s writing the script for her life. What’s your heroic self doing?

Listen to this episode of the Ed Mylett podcast to hear more about the above concept. It’s a reaaaly good episode.

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