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Meet Paula Molnau

Meet Paula Molnau. Mom, real estate agent and cheerleader...for herself.

“I am just hitting my stride, literally, at 57. I was a cheerleader in high school, and it didn't end there. I've been cheering for other people my whole life. Clients, students, friends, family members, kids and spouse. I have no regrets and I will always be cheering for my tribe and my kids. But, through GRIT, I learned how to be my own #1 fan.”

When Paula took her before picture she had her daughter exclude her face. As her confidence has grown, she can see what a mistake that was. She’s learning that she’s a trailblazer and that all the daughters of the world are watching, and now she’s setting an amazing example of what’s possible.

If you are lacking confidence and have been cheering everyone on but yourself, become a StoryAthlete and learn how to be your own #1 fan.

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