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Mental Health Isn't The Whole Story

54% of suicide decedents were not known to have mental health conditions. This is a statistic directly from the CDC.

This was our dad. He didn’t have any mental health issues. We shared all the stories so you would have a clear picture of who he was. He was an extremely jovial person. He was incredibly stable, the center of the family, the glue that kept everyone together.

We fully understand and empathize with the fact that mental health plays a huge part in suicidal ideation. We don’t want to downplay that in any way.

We, as a family, feel a huge responsibility to bring awareness to the other 54% of suicides. The ones that happen for reasons other than an ongoing mental health condition.

Relationship, substance use, health, job and financial problems are all listed on the CDC website as factors other than mental health conditions that contribute to suicide.

Being as blindsided as we were by our dad’s death has given us such a passion to educate people on ALL of the risk factors. Our dad was in all of the highest risk areas. He was in the 54%. He was in the 7/10 because he was a white male. He was middle aged. He was HIGHLY at risk and we didn’t know. Had we known, had we watched more closely, had we communicated better....but we didn’t know. So we want to make sure you do.

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