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Mistakes... or are they?

Mistakes...or are they?

Today I am making the announcement and sending the emails that the button jewelry classes for Kansas City and Chillicothe are being canceled due to low ticket sales and the couple people who purchased tickets will be refunded this week. We will know Tuesday about the Nebraska classes as well.

2 years ago, having to make a public announcement that something didn’t work out the way I thought it would would have thrown me into a tailspin. It’s taken a long time of things not working out the way I anticipate for me to no longer take it personally.

If you are going to go after something big, something scary, something exciting...the odds that some pieces of it aren’t going to work out how you thought are 99.9%. If you’re going to succeed at the exciting thing, you have to learn to take every piece that doesn’t work out and use it as a data point instead of getting your feelings hurt.

Why didn’t the fall classes sell when the summer classes did?

Is it because my target customer is mothers of school age children and fall is already so full of kid activities, weddings and festivals, where summer is much slower in the Midwest because of the heat? Is it because my customer base isn’t large enough yet to actually do two classes within a couple months? Is it the chosen venues for the fall classes?

Data. What didn’t work? What can work better next time, if you decide to do a next time?

To succeed in business, you must look at it through the lens of a scientist. Did that hypothesis work? If not, why? Should I scrap that experiment or change some of the variables?

What I’ve learned through my StoryAthlete journey so far is that I should also be looking at my life through a scientist’s (very sassy) glasses. Why didn’t that work? Should I scrap it? Should I change some of the variables?

Next week I embark on my next StoryAthlete challenge, StoryAthlete GRIT. It’s technically a physical challenge but the main goal of it isn’t to improve your physique (although it probably will), it’s to strengthen your mind.

I’m already very nervous about it, because I love being a StoryAthlete, I know my body is my weakest of the quadrants we work on (mind, body, business, relationships) and I’m afraid I’ll fail. If you miss a single day, you’re out of the group and I don’t want to be the punk that gets kicked out. 🤷‍♀️

So I’m strengthening my scientist mind to go into this terrifying new challenge and view it as an experiment. I can’t wait to share the results.

Mistakes....they aren’t really mistakes if you take the time to learn from them.

P.S. I’m back to writing! I took a couple days off to tend to the barn sale. I also took a couple days to sleep later and recover from the barn sale. I’m very introverted, so peopling for two days straight at events makes me mentally exhausted so I try to give myself time to recover any time I do big events like that. 😊. I’m back and ready to share my stories again.

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