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Move it, Girl...

Girl, move your body.

Rachel Hollis, Dave Hollis, Brendon Burchard, Tom Bilyeu, Ed Mylett, Lewis Howes and every other person of influence that I follow via podcast or books will tell you that the number one key to their success is their focus on their physical health.

Rachel and Dave Hollis say on their social media every stinking day that you MUST work out EVERY. STINKING. DAY.

I’ve heard all of the above people, people who I admire and aspire to be like in business and in life, tell me over and over and over that I need to work out every day and eat better if I ever want to have a shot at being successful. That I must focus on my health and energy levels as the foundation of my life, before I can even attempt to build something meaningful.

I heard them. I believed them. I just could not get myself to execute on what they were saying. It wasn’t for lack of trying either. I tried it ALL. Beachbody, gym memberships, multiple personal trainers, Couch 2 5k, signing up for 5ks and then acting like I forgot about them come race day, fitness DVDs (Zumba anyone?), DietBet, RunBet, free YouTube workout videos, group fitness classes.......you name it, I tried it. And then quit it just as fast.

It wasn’t until I found the 6 foundations inside the StoryAthlete GRIT program that I was able to stick with something long enough to see results. I’m not just talking about body results either (although those are happening). My mind is clearer. My resolve is stronger. My relationships are flourishing. I’m attacking big goals and actually believing I can crush them.

Turns out Rachel Hollis really was right. Moving my body, inside GRIT, every single day, was the foundation I needed to RISE (Hollis fans...see what I did there 😉).

Pic: GRIT’s adorable head trainer CJ Thomas, who after I got done taking this picture told me my hands were too close together. Someone come tell him that “monkey” isn’t proper dead hang form either 🤷‍♀️😉.

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