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My Llama Drama

I was in a creative rut. Has that ever happened to you?

You get stuck creatively and feel like you may never create another new and fabulous thing in your whole life? Clearly, I’m a bit dramatic but you get what I’m saying.

Chris and I decided to take a bit of time off work and try to finish up some work we had started around the house (it’s still not 100% done, if you were wondering). Our house is pretty colorful and has quite a few different fabric patterns in it. Which is exactly my style. The brighter, the better.

We went to At Home and I found this colorful llama painting that I fell in love with.

I left it on the shelf at first and walked around. I came back and looked at it multiple times. I finally put it in my cart and told Chris, “I’m just gonna keep it in here, I’m not sure if I’m gonna get it yet.” The reality was, that painting was coming home with me the second I saw it.

I freaking love it.

It’s colorful, cheery, quirky, and stole my heart. That pair of llamas brought me back to life creatively. The next day I happened upon some craft paper at Hobby Lobby that had the cutest tiny llamas on it. I bought them out. Seriously, I took every single piece of llama paper they had.

Our new hipster llama line was born and guys, I think these might be one of my all time favorite things I’ve ever made. They’re colorful, they’re cute, they’re quirky and they work for girls of all ages. I sure hope you love these llamas as much as I do.

They’re finally up on the website for you to shop. Yay!

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