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My opinion is not small...

My opinion isn’t small....

As you know (or you might not...?) I was voted by my peers last month in GRIT as the Co-MVP of the whole stinking thing, tying with my bud, and our trainer, CJ. That award got me the opportunity to join the leadership team and have my own unit of kindhearted badasses for January.

The leadership team in StoryAthlete is comprised of people with titles like this: retired Army Colonel, former professional athlete, multi million dollar real estate investor, owner of multiple 7 figure businesses, world class fitness professional...and on and on.

Then there’s me.

Heyyyyy 👋 I’m Heather...I make necklaces and tell stories on Facebook. What’s up, all you highly successful humans? Thanks for letting me crash your party!

The other day there was a discussion inside the leadership group about a member and a situation they were in. A decision had to be made amongst the leaders about this issue.

In my counter comment to another leader I started it with, “I know my opinion here is small, but....”

That’s how I felt. I have words I want to say about this but I’ve decided in my head you aren’t going to take me seriously, so I’m going to be small about my statement, when I actually feel strongly about what I’m saying. I wasn’t brave enough to just be strong going in.

Colonel Melissa Lee (hereinafter known as Cap, because that’s what I call her), said in response to my statement, “your opinion isn’t small, here or anywhere.”

A little later I sent Cap a private message and thanked her for calling me out on that shitty narrative I was allowing myself to live in.

I know I’m a good leader, I have over 15 years of actual leadership experience in my previous career before Compton Co;. I was a successful and strong leader in environments when my peers could not have been more different than me. Young girl, all middle aged men.

I also know I was leading inside GRIT well before I was given a “title”. Leading by example. Leading with encouragement and love. Leading with some tough love every now and then (Ulrich, I love you).

I’m not sure why I so easily and quickly fell into this small and submissive position when I got tossed into a room of people I felt like were larger than life.

Cap is right. My opinion isn’t small...anywhere. I love her BIG for the reminder to bravely be myself, regardless of the company I’m in.

Cap, you’re top notch. Thank you for loving me well and kicking me in the pants when I need it.

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