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My Word

My word...

Every year as of late, the big trend is to choose a word of the year. This is always SO HARD for me. I can’t ever seem to narrow it down to just one word.

So many words seem like the right one.

Growth, persistence, love, courage, badass, story, kindhearted, change, strong, invested, grit and so many others could be used to describe my 2019 journey.

How can I possibly choose just one for 2020?

So I started thinking about what word can encompass ALL the words?

Possibility, potential, opportunity, limitless....

Infinite: adj. subject to no limitation

Infinite. That’s my word, not of the year, that’s just my word.

I have infinite opportunities for possibility, potential, love, courage, grit, growth and all the other words, listed or not, because now I know I’m subject to no limitations.

To 2020 and beyond. 🚀

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