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Necklaces + Nails

I’m not sure if you heard or not but I took the plunge and became a Color Street Stylist. I’m super excited about it but I was also really worried about what you would think.

Why? Because I care what you think of me, your support is never taken for granted, and I love that you are here with me, hanging out and cheering me on through all the stages of life we have in our family.

Don’t know what Color Street is? They’re nail polish strips that are 100% nail polish that’s 95% dry. You press them onto your bare nails, file off the edges and you have an amazing, affordable manicure in minutes with no smudges because there’s no dry time. They’re super convenient and have been a game changer for me.

Every girl I know loves having beautiful nails, but the salon isn’t for everyone. Some of my girls don’t like the damage a gel mani causes to their natural nails. Some don’t like the cost of the salon. Some, like me, find it difficult to go enough to maintain a beautiful set of nails. Some have restrictions at work that keep them from being able to have a salon manicure.

Color Street allows me to feel polished, pretty and pulled together on my own time and on my own budget. I’m obsessed.

I was worried you would think 1. that I’m quitting the Compton Co; (which I’m definitely not) or 2. judge me for selling a direct sales item when I’ve worked for three years to build my own small business.

I let go of those fears because I should always stay true to who I am, what I love and what I want to do. The Compton Co; has evolved over these three years and will continue to grow and change for the next three.

I just hosted my very first Nails and Necklaces event and learned that I can just add these fun nails right on in to the Compton Co; and not only will you not judge me, you will love and support the change.

Moral of the story: if you want to try something new and the fear of what others will think is holding you back, do it anyway. 99% of the time you’re making up a story in your head that isn’t true at all. Just like I did.

If you want to check out Color Street nails, the link is here. 


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