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New Direction...

Changed out a bunch of stuff at Joys Collective Market this month!

Our new concept at Joys will be that everything in our booth is $20 and under. The Necklace Bar will be reinstalled next week 🙌.

All of our large pendant dictionary necklaces, bracelets and earrings will become boutique exclusives at the end of August, meaning the only place you will be able to buy them will be from Cozy Cottage and Plume. There will be a gallery on our website that links you to their stores.

I didn’t want to get rid of the dictionary pieces because both you and I love them, but I really can’t offer them at any less price than they are currently, so to continue moving in the direction of having a really value driven product line available directly from me to you, we decided to have the premium lines only available in our boutiques.

I’m excited to test out new products at Joys over the next few months. This store will always be one of our favorite places on the planet. 😍

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