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New Kindhearted Badass Pieces are here!

The new Kindhearted Badass pieces are here and I’m OBSESSED with them.

Why are these special?

1.They’re the first silver necklaces we’ve had.

2. They’re the first of a new era of me not hand making the pieces myself (still handmade but by Loretta not Heather).

3. These are made for everyday wear. They’re stainless steel charms and chains. I’ve worn my chain for almost two weeks now, showered in it, sweat in it, and slept in it. Still looks gorgeous. This necklace can go on every adventure you go on.

The bar necklace comes on a 20” chain. The tiny hearts come on an 18” chain. If you turn your tiny heart backward so it’s just plain it layers so beautifully with the bar necklace. I’m never taking these off. Never.

Do you love these new beauties as much as I do?

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