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New me, who dis?

’m writing a book!

I’ve heard “You should write a book.” or “Have you considered writing a book?” or my favorite from Jackie, my friend and owner of Grit & Grace Ranch, “I think it’s time you switched jobs.”

I’ve wanted to write a book my entire life. Since I was a little kid going to the library every other Sunday to get a new stack of RL Stine books to devour, author has been my dream job.

I do write every day but I rarely consider myself a writer. I write to you guys all the time, but that seems different. You’re my friends, my online buds, and I don’t worry about if I have proper sentence structure or punctuation. I write to you the same way I would talk to you, kind of all over the place and generally messy.

How did I finally find the belief in myself to sign up for AK Turner’s Memoir Camp?

StoryAthlete GRIT.

I’ve spent the last 5 months inside a community of like minded people, doing really hard things and writing myself a new story about what I’m capable of (that’s where I met Amanda Turner by the way, so if NY Times Bestsellers do GRIT to keep their minds and bodies right, don’t you think it might work for you too?)

I’ve learned business strategy, which led me to a complete pivot in my business from handmade, vintage inspired pieces to Kindhearted Badass the brand (Necklace Bars are still out in the world don’t worry, my mom is taking over that piece).

I’ve learned holistic health strategy, with daily self-reflective writing and workouts.

The most important thing I’ve learned in these five months is the belief in myself that I can do anything. ANYTHING. It may take me a long time, scratch that, it most likely will take me a long time. And that’s ok because I’ve proven I’m willing to show up and try to get 1% better. Chipping away at things 1% at a time is the best way to achieve your dreams.

The last five months of getting 1% better each day has led me here, where I’ve designed my life in a way to allow me to tackle writing my first book (with a lot of help), I’ve officially lost 50 pounds now, I feel great and I know, without a doubt, that I don’t give up on myself anymore.

Those are some serious accomplishments in a short five months, and there’s no reason you can’t be making the same kind of leaps in your own life.

If writing a book is your dream and you want to know more about Memoir Camp with AK Turner, shoot me a message. She has a very minimal amount of spots left (by the way, I would LOVE to be sitting on that beach with you in June.)

If you want to start designing your life and getting 1% better every day, we would love for you to join us in StoryAthlete GRIT. Today is the last day to sign up for this month. I can’t wait to get to grow alongside you as a member of the weirdest little internet world, FULL of kindhearted badasses.

Pic: 50 lbs down. New me, who dis?

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