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No Grit No Pearl

Do you know how pearls are made?

A tiny irritant (a piece of sand, grit, shell, parasite etc) gets inside the shell of a muscle. The muscle then has to go to work to protect itself from the grit. It starts secreting layers of nacre, or mother of pearl, to coat the tiny irritant and protect its soft tissue. Layers and layers of nacre are laid down, encasing the grit, until a beautiful pearl is formed. It can take up to 20 years for a pearl to form naturally, in the wild.

Up to 20 years of the muscle fighting against the irritant, working against the invader, to protect itself, grow and thrive, before something beautiful is born.

We are going to have irritants, things that invade our lives, want to attack us and try to wear us down.

Without those invaders though, there’s never a chance to produce a pearl. Without the piece of grit, the muscle would go on to live a normal and safe life, but she wouldn’t have a beautiful pearl to share at the end.

The muscle could choose not to fight against the sand. She could choose to stay irritated and let it wear her down, eventually succumbing to the tiny invader. She doesn’t though, she summons her inner GRIT and prepares for a lifetime battle. She takes that challenge, that strife, that thing that she didn’t ask for, and she turns it into a beautiful gift for the world.

Without GRIT, both definitions, your life would not be the beautiful creation that it is.

So when some sand gets into your shell, you have a choice to make. Let the grit take you down, or find your GRIT and create something gorgeous out of it.

No GRIT, no pearl.

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