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Pay it forward...

📝💛I publish to pay it forward...

My StoryAthlete journey began with me needing to capture my own attention.

Could I keep my self interested in me long enough to make lasting change in my life?

If you scroll back to early September and look at my first stories, you can clearly see I’m struggling. I kept going, even though some of the stories I wrote were straw grasping garbage (SMART goals...how did I even come up with that as a topic to write about? I don’t even do SMART goals).

Eventually writing about myself, my principles and my struggles morphed into me using my writing time to solidify my principles and beliefs to myself, or write new ones if necessary. My stories became my time to talk directly to me, about me. To take extreme ownership and course correct when necessary. To head full steam ahead into concepts I knew I needed in my life.

Four months later, I still use my stories that way. I’ve captured my own attention for long enough to alter the way I think or act, with my pen.

I publish my diary daily, in case someone else needs me to capture their attention for a second until they’re brave enough to capture their own attention. When you capture your own attention you have to be strong enough to face yourself, and that’s a scary place to be for everyone.I would have never had the opportunity to capture my own attention, had CJ not first captured it with his stories.

Publishing my diary is my way of paying it forward in life, just like Ceej did for me.

If I’ve captured your attention, I truly hope it sparks a little seed of possibility in you that you might be worth paying attention to as well.

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