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Potty Mouth

My earrings for today.

When I first started StoryAthlete I committed to myself to write my stories in my real voice. My real voice includes a lot of potty mouth words.

I was honestly afraid to share them here because I would never want offend anyone.

But, if I was going to really do StoryAthlete right and learn to harness my personal stories to possibly be the light for other people and more importantly write my own heroic character script, I needed to write how I really talk.

I say fuck. 🤷‍♀️. More than I would like to admit. That’s really how I talk. I don’t think it makes me less intelligent or a bad person. Saying bad words doesn’t make me a bad girl.

I know some people look at curse words as a “crutch” or think they make you seem less than in some way.

I don’t agree with that. I’m still me. Bad words and all.

I’m in the middle of the GRIT challenge with the StoryAthletes right now and feeling stronger in mind and body than I have in a long, long time.

November 4th I’m starting another 28 day writing challenge with them because I loved my first 28 days so much. This time a few friends are joining me and I’m ecstatic to go on this journey with them.

My next round of stories will probably have more bad words in them.

I hope you’ll love them anyway. 😊

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