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Raising Kind Humans...

Raising kind humans.

At some point in our parenting journey Chris and I sat down and had a conversation about what the top two ideals we wanted to instill in our kids were. We know that you can’t achieve something if you haven’t even set your target, and raising our babies is the most important thing we have taken on together in this life.

Mine were kindness and compassion.
Chris’s were work ethic and honesty.

The journey of raising tiny humans into full grown people who are (hopefully) strong, contributing members of society is messy and hard.

After soccer practice this week Cash told a story of how he told one of the other boys he was “too short” to play goalie. That comment sounds fairly benign except that particular boy has a medical issue that makes him significantly smaller than all the other kids their age.

I was appalled.

We sat him on the fireplace and I used a tone of voice that rarely gets pulled from the mom vault.

Afterward Chris looked at me and said, “Damn, you kind of went for the jugular on that one.”

I did. And I honestly don’t think he will ever make fun of someone like that again after our conversation. I hope after this lesson he will find the courage to start standing up for the little guy, both figuratively and the actual little guy from soccer.

We live the four ideals we’ve laid out for our kids, fully and on display, because we know they’re watching us. We know they will model us.

We both work extremely hard. We do kind acts for our friends and bring our kids along so they see. We have compassion for other people and creatures (I’m constantly slamming on the brakes and carrying turtles across the road). They watch us tell each other hard truths.

We would still be living this way if we didn’t have kids watching us, because it’s what we value in ourselves and those around us, but it makes it so much more important each day to display it because we aren’t doing it for ourselves anymore. We are doing it for them and everyone that comes in contact with them throughout their life.

We work hard each day to make sure that kindness, compassion, hard work and honesty will be the legacy that lives on through our children. If we achieve that, we’ve been the greatest success story we could’ve hoped for.

Pic: a photo I didn’t know Chris was taking of me saving a turtle.

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