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Rest Don't Quit

Rest, don’t quit.

I’ve worked out for 126 of the last 131 days.

I go really hard inside the StoryAthlete group. I won MVP of the whole thing again last month. My best friend won most transformed last month. It’s been me or one of my girls to win most transformed every month since it started. My Peeps go full out. We only surround ourselves with other kindhearted badasses who are willing to push themselves and each other.

I show up strong for everyone in there. I read and comment on their posts. I have private chats with tons of people. I talk to some of them on the phone. I give them all I’ve got because I believe in them, love them and want my actions to show that. My GRIT friends are making MOVES in life and I’m incredibly proud of them, and I want them to feel it.

These last few weeks when I’ve been really sick all I chose to do was keep my kids alive and do my GRIT work.

I got a message today asking if I was ok because I haven’t been posting. Writing well takes a lot of bandwidth. It takes gobs of energy and honestly, I didn’t have any extra mental muscle to try to write good stories.

I have a kidney procedure next Friday and made a plan to get my GRIT workout done the night before (midnight) so I don’t get kicked out.

Honestly, right now I’m burned out. I am starting to feel better with the meds I’m on but still feeling sluggish about my workouts.

Why would I tell you this? Why would I tell you I’m experiencing burnout when I normally tell you how amazing GRIT is?

Several reasons.
1. I’m human. I can’t go full speed all the time and not run out of gas.
2. We all experience burnout with the things we love. I love my kids and sometimes I’m like, I need a freaking break from you, take your noise and get out of my face. Mom burnout is real. GRIT burnout is real too.
3. Burnout doesn’t mean we quit. It means we rest.

Tuesdays are 5k day and normally I run hard and try to beat my times from previous weeks. Today me and the little boys are bundling up (it’s going to be a balmy 45 degrees midday) and going on a nature hike to log my 5k time. Today I’m choosing to take a rest day, while simultaneously fulfilling my commitment to my GRIT team.

Because when we are burned out, we rest, we don’t quit. That’s the beauty of GRIT, it takes quitting off the table for me. I would never quit on my peeps.

Right now, I would’ve quit on myself though. But...GRIT means I won’t. That’s what will keep my 1% transformation moving forward, teeny tiny little steps at a time. Each time I rest and don’t quit is a 1% improvement.

Today I will rest, when I normally would’ve quit.

Do you have an encouraging story about when you’ve rested instead of quit? I really want to hear it.

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