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Rewrite that shit...

In GRIT we are encouraged to take photos and measurements at the beginning and end of each round.

My friend Greg wrote a story about me extinguishing my excuses today, so I took a quick photo and placed it next to my GRIT day 1 photo so I could comment on his story with my results. My GRIT transformation is mostly mental but I can’t show someone that. The only visible result I have of my mind shift is the body byproduct.

After I did that I decided to check my measurements, which honestly I haven’t been very good at checking. I did take them on day 1 though.

As of today, 79 days in, I’ve only lost 9 pounds and .5 inches. One half of an inch on my waist. Every other measurement is exactly the same.

On paper, those look like dismal freaking results. This picture tells a different story. The fact that I can run a whole 5k without stopping now, tells a different story. The definition in my shoulders on today’s picture tells a different story.

This is where the mental transformation comes in. Pre GRIT Heather would only see the number results and she would have quit. Said she wasn’t getting anywhere and all this pain and suffering wasn’t worth it.

Gritty Heather, she can see that her real results are in the relationships she’s built (seriously, Story Athletes are the best humans on the planet, ask any of the girls that have joined me).

Gritty Heather can see that even when the results look horrible on paper, Story Athlete has equipped her with the tools to rewrite the story she tells herself any time she wants.

That is the most valuable gift I’ve ever received.

Fuck what it looks like on paper, my results are 🔥.

Do you have a false story you’ve been telling yourself?

Rewrite. That. Shit

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