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Rising Tides

Rising tides....

I’m finding myself in an unfamiliar-ish place lately, where I’m actively leaning into discomfort.

I say “ish” because there was a time (a lifetime ago, it seems) when this was commonplace for me. A time I took on big things and did it scared on a regular basis. In my career I looked fearless, taking on projects and trailblazing programs that didn’t exist prior to me. I was always fearful, I just did it anyway.

It’s been a long time since I’ve actively stretched myself to a place of exhaustion in multiple areas of my life. Since I’ve floundered around learning something new, letting everyone see the struggle because my tenacity to succeed outweighed my potential embarrassment over looking dumb in the process.

GRIT is the cause of this. GRIT is the whole reason that I’m stretching my mind, my body, my relationships and my business skills all at the same time.

Rachel Hollis says “a rising tide lifts all the boats in the harbor”. She also says you can’t focus on more than one big thing at a time. This always seemed contradictory to me. How can all my “boats” rise together if I’m only focused on one?

I get it now.

My main focus/goal, GRIT, is elevating me to a point where naturally, everything else is rising at the same time.

Actively leaning into discomfort and forging my GRIT every day is the tide, and all my boats are rising because of it.

Right now, it often feels overwhelming to be the captain of multiple boats, but if I just keep focusing on raising the water level, the boats will follow naturally. ⛵️

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