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Saving my sanity...

Today I wrote a post inside the StoryAthlete group about being a full time mom and trying to do the GRIT challenge at the same time. How I’ve had to push the stroller on hill sprint days, put the kids on the playground and army crawl next to it, and do resistance bands attached to the patio door while they sleep.

As I said yesterday, if you miss one workout, you get kicked out. I love this group of humans and I don’t want to get kicked out, so I figure it out, every single day, how to get these workouts done with the kids under foot.

I was thinking, after I wrote to my team today, how much I wished I had had StoryAthlete 2, 3, 4 years ago when I was a stay at home mom, before I had the Compton Co; community I have now.

The first two years after Colton was born were really tough on me mentally. I had left my career, by my own choice, and then really struggled with the isolation of being a stay at home parent. Chris was working a ton of hours and traveling a LOT. When Colt was 3 weeks old he left for 8 weeks to go run a store in Wisconsin. Luckily, I lived with my father in law at the time and had that extra support or our marriage wouldn’t have made it through that.

This isolation turned to loneliness which turned to a depression I didn’t realize I was in. I gained a massive amount of weight, secluded myself in the house, and just wallowed in the fact that all I did all day was make snacks and wipe butts.

I had lost myself. Heather was gone. Replaced by Mom.

I used to be interesting and have meaningful social interactions with other adults. I was smart and funny. I had good ideas to contribute.

Now when my husband came home I only had stories about the kids and then listened to him talk about his job. It was miserable and the resentment towards Chris was quickly growing. Those were a couple of really tough years for us in our marriage.

Today as I was interacting with my team about my role as a mom, I wished I had had a community like this back then.

Not a moms group, I desperately wanted to talk to people about things other than my kids. I wanted to feel like I mattered outside of being a mom.

StoryAthlete is filled with every kind of person, and we all contribute meaningfully in our own way. If I had that back then, I could’ve saved myself years of heartache.

Right now the boys are home full time and it’s affected my ability to work at the level I want to. Normally that would send me into a spiral. Being a StoryAthlete has kept that spiral from happening this time.

It’s saving my sanity in a time I desperately need it and I know it could do the same for so many stay at home parents who feel the isolation I used to.

Ryan Fletcher, you’ve found the magic with this, and it’s going to actually save people. I ❤️ your heart and your vision.

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