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Show Up

I got a message from my sweet friend Melissa the other day. Somehow she just knew I needed some encouragement.

Part of her message said, “You are making a difference, and people like me are noticing.......You’re showing up, even when you don’t want to. So keep at it girl, because you are a badass.”

Most days I am just showing up. I don’t feel like I’m succeeding. I don’t feel the growth. I don’t see results. I’m just showing up and slogging through.

Yesterday was a hard day. Nothing went great. We dealt with a lot of death, human and bunny.

I still showed up for my sister. I still worked on orders. I still did a 5k to make sure I didn’t let my GRIT team down. I shoved as many newborn bunnies in my shirt as I could to try to save them.

I didn’t finish all my shipments. My 5k was shit. We’ve lost 6/9 newborn bunnies at this point. I mostly failed at all the things I attempted yesterday.

I showed up though. Showing up, when you really want to run and hide, is where you cement your integrity to yourself. It’s where you show yourself you can be trusted.

I might not slay every day, but I WILL show up to the fight. That’s all I, or you, can ask of ourselves.

Show up today. Even if you don’t want to.

Melissa, thank you again for the message. It meant more than you know.

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