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So, I'm writing a freaking book

Memoir camp...

How does one go about writing a memoir?

I have no idea!

BUT, my friend and NY Times Bestselling Author AK Turner does, so when I got an email from her about Memoir Camp, I was like “whaaaaat?!” and I promptly asked my husband if I could take $2100 to enroll in the program.

He, in turn, promptly said no. 😂

At this point you are probably thinking, “What the hell is Memoir Camp?”

It’s a four month program where you work one on one with Amanda, mapping out your memoir and getting feedback/coaching on your writing. It culminates in a 5 day, all inclusive stay at a luxury resort in Mexico with Amanda and 20 something other writers.

I’ve been asking Chris, as sweetly as I can, to do Memoir Camp for over a week (he said I even used my “I really want this” voice, which I don’t bust out very often). Any married person knows you can’t just take $2100 and run off to Mexico without consulting your significant other, so I refrained from doing that.

We recently put together a Dave Ramsey debt snowball plan to pay off our van and a couple other small debts. $28,000 in total and our goal is to have that done by July. Then here I come asking for $2,100 for something that has nothing to do with paying off debts 🥴. I mean, I guess I understand why he said no. 😂

Last night he texted me and said “go ahead and sign up for your memoir retreat.”

My childhood dreams are coming true, right before our eyes people. What is this life I’m living?!

If you ever wanted to write a memoir, and you happen to want to go to Mexico with me, there are a few spots left for Memoir Camp. I heard there’s going to be fancy margaritas and I might even break my non drinking streak for a celebratory marg on the beach in Mexico, because that feels appropriate.

Shout out to the hubs for supporting my dreams, big and small. My Pam told me, “you are one lucky bitch!” and she’s 100% right.

Kindhearted Badass the book? It does feel kind of right...

Pic: the resort in Mexico where I get to go for adult camp. 😍

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