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Something Plume


Next up: Kelly Gilion from Plume.

plume (noun): a feather, a decoration

plume (verb): to decorate or adorn

Kelly was one of the first shops I started in (if you notice, the couple shops I kept are my first ones, that isn’t a coincidence). When I first approached her with my things, she passed.

I don’t know why I felt such a need to be in her shop specifically, I had never even been inside it. When she passed, I put Plume on a shelf inside my brain and when I started making book jewelry I came back and said “hey, I know you passed on the fabric pieces but I have these now...what do you think?” And she said yes!

My main love for Kelly is that she loved me through such a hard time in my life, when I wasn’t good at business, by just sticking by me. She let me flex up and down when I needed to. When I said I need to pull that Necklace Bar down because I can’t keep up, when I wasn’t sure what my direction was going to be, when Chris and Daniel left the business and I was a mess of a human...she just let me be that way until I wasn’t.

She quietly held down my little corner of Plume for me when I wasn’t able to show up for myself. She didn’t judge me for not being good at life during that season. She had compassion for the things she knew I was dealing with.

Kelly has never been open for a full week at her shop, she started with 3 days a week, is now up to 4 days a week. I loved about her that she built her business to suit her family life and was still able to be successful.

I’m currently modeling my own business strategies around watching her for so many years. Today is the little boys’ last day of daycare. They’re coming back to be with me at home, while I work my business around my family life.

I originally started Button Buck to be able to financially contribute and be home with the boys at the same time. I lost sight of my original goals and eventually ended up with them in daycare 5 days a week and not making any more money than I used to when they were home.

Colton told me his heartbeat hurt because he has to go to school so much. I only have them home for 5 short years, so I’ve readjusted everything and brought them back home.

Who showed me I can have a business and be a great mom at the same time? Kelly. She didn’t tell me that. She showed me that in the way she lives her life.

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