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Start Today Journal - Gratitude List

Start Today Journal gratitude for today: 

1. Pineapple liquor mimosas Chris made yesterday after we went swimming at our neighbors’ house. Healthy portion pineapple liquor, fill rest of glass with sparkling wine, splash of club soda for extra bubbles. DELICIOUS. 

2. Oscar. He’s always up in my business but I’d miss him if he weren’t. 

3. Sweet neighbors (mentioned above) who invited us over to go swimming. 

4. Roackabye Baby! albums. We have been working on a new bedtime routine since Cooper moved to his toddler bed from his crib and Rockabye Baby! albums have been our saving grace. 

5. Paper towel rolls with the half size sheets. Those are the 💣. Save so much money and waste so much less. 

What’s your gratitude list for today?

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