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Start Today Journal | August 18, 2019

Start Today Journal gratitude for today:

1. Chris is off work today! He’s been working a lot of weird hours this week and it’s thrown off our family vibe. We are really happy to have him home today.

2. Sunscreen. It allows us to be able to enjoy the outdoors with our kids without having to worry about them getting sunburned. Whoever invented sunscreen, thanks pal. You did the world a service.

3. Last week was a tough transition from having the little boys in daycare five days a week to bringing them home to be with me full time again...while also still working full time from home. We made it through though, and fairly unscathed actually. The house is a bit messy today and I’m behind on laundry but other than that, we did good. I got all my orders done and out the door. I worked from the kitchen island all week so I could work and take breaks easily based on what the kids needed. Completed a very large order for Cozy Cottage and got all of your customs out into the world. I’m proud of all three of us.

4. Washi tape is so freaking cute and I was able to secure the jewelry boxes for the customs this week in a super fun and adorable way. Washi tape, you the bomb.

5. Every time someone buys a ticket to come to one of my classes I’m so grateful. The fact that I’ve gotten to a point where I can share the skills I’ve acquired, in a super fun and colorful way...man, that’s so freaking cool. I never imagined this is where my business would have gone but I LOVE teaching everyone so much.

What are you grateful for?

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