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Start Today Journal - Daily Gratitude List

Start Today gratitude list: 

1. Cooper wore underwear to school today for the first time. We are going to be a diaper free household soon! 🙌 

2. My cute tiny new earring boxes for grab bag shipments. 📦 

3. My Myra Bag. I got it soaking wet, just dumped out the stuff and sat in in the sun. The canvas dried no problem, still looks perfect. Indestructible. 

4. My iPhone. Complete game changer for businesses. You can literally do business from anywhere at any time with a smart phone. I’m partial to IPhone but really any smart phone can absolutely change your life and financial situation if you’re willing to look at it that way. 

5. New business strategy of high quality, handmade products at a low price via grab bags seems to be being received well by everyone, as reflected in the online sales of Friday’s launch and that’s so exciting. I love being able to serve everyone in a way that brings joy and excitement to your lives. 

What are you grateful for today? 

I gave you a sneak into my goals list today. If you’ve never heard of this journal practice before from Rachel Hollis, you write your goals down as if they’ve already happened.

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