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Strong as hell.

Strong as hell 💪

Today during my lesson at Grit & Grace Ranch we did rein free riding for the first time.

My instructor, Krystal, had Saphira on a lunge line which meant that she was controlling her speed and steering her. My job?

Don’t fall off. 😂

No seriously, my job was to control my balance and my seat while placing my arms in different positions, posting and turning my torso.

It wasn’t easy but I was able to do it because I’m strong as hell now!

During this part of our lesson Krystal said, “you didn’t know you were going to get your GRIT workout in at the ranch today did you?” 😂

At the exact same time that I wrote this story one of my GRITTY friends, Stephanie, wrote a post about being strong too.

Strong is our goal, not skinny. 💪

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