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Sweet Colton...

I have a guided (audio) meditation I use for visualization when I have big things coming up that I want to go well. For example, teaching my first button workshop. I use this visualization technique and imagine myself teaching the class, relaxed and happy, everyone enjoying themselves, laughing with new friends etc. 

To prepare yourself for the visualization part of the exercise the teacher has you do some breathing exercises to calm your body and then she has you visualize the frequency of love and then send it out to various places. 

This little face is what I see every single time I have to visualize the frequency of love. I obviously love all my kiddos, but Colton is our sensitive one. He overflows with emotion and spills love out everywhere he goes. He’s incredibly affectionate and animated. He oozes joy. He loves everything and everyone. He gets excited for the smallest things. He gives out compliments like crazy and happily exclaims “you’re welcome!” every time someone compliments him on something. 

Anyone: Colton, I love those new flip flops you have on. 

Colton: you’re welcome! 

He truly believes your comment is a thank you to him for being so awesome. 

What would you visualize if you were asked to visualize the frequency of love?

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