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Taking a break

Taking breaks...

I woke up at 5am this morning to my alarm. I hit snooze. 9 minutes later, it jarred me from my slumber again. I hit snooze. 9 minutes later...you get the point.

I told myself I was going to go to bed early. I couldn’t fall asleep. Cooper wouldn’t fall asleep. I put rain sounds on in my headphones. I tossed and turned. At 10pm I gave up and checked my phone. It was almost midnight before I was actually sleepy.

Today is a big day, I have a lot on my plate and I’m overwhelmed. I have 17 shipments to finish this morning. My GRIT workout today is a completely brand new everything and it looks brutal. So much so that my GRIT friends were huddled in our various chats last night and this morning like...”what in the world?! Are we going to actually die today?” CJ, you’ve struck fear into the masses with this one, bud. If we don’t make it, just know we loved you.

My mom and step-dad are getting married this evening after 16 years of being together. The entire family is headed to Southern Illinois for the celebrations. I need to be there early to help with the festivities. 200 people coming to a party is a big undertaking.

So instead of waking up and attacking it, like I should have, I retreated into my old snoozing ways. Then I grabbed my phone and checked my notifications. Always a bad decision.

When I finally dragged myself from my bed, I knew I needed to get my mind right, or things could go off the rails really quickly.

I came to the kitchen and brewed a cup of tea, got my headphones and put on a throwback “I am” guided meditation. After one ten minute round, I wasn’t ready yet. I started it over. Two ten minute rounds in, I wasn’t ready to open my eyes, I let it play into the next meditation in the queue. Half way through that one, I slowly opened my eyes, ready to take on my day, with a clear mind and a grateful heart.

Taking breaks as a wife, mother and entrepreneur is not easy. There’s always something needing to be done. I’m notorious for working myself into the ground, in all aspects of my life. I get myself to the point where I’m no longer functional.

Just taking an intentional 25 minute break this morning will now set my day up for success. I would have continued to sit here until my eyes opened on their own though, it just happened to take 25 minutes.

When is the last time you made yourself take an intentional break, big or small?

Not a break because you’re so exhausted you can’t push yourself a step further break. An intentional break.

I’m terrible at this and I’m going to really start planning my intentional breaks. I plan my schedule, my family, my workouts, my business...it’s time to schedule the intentional breaks.

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