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Thank you, Heather...

The other day I saw this video of Snoop Dog accepting an award of some kind. During the part where people usually thank everyone around them, he said, “I’d like to thank ME.”

He went on to say he would like to thank himself for doing all the hard work, for not giving up, for having good intentions, for trying to do more right than wrong in the world, for trying to be a better person, for being creative.

Everyone was laughing but I thought it was really powerful. Everyone is always so quick to defer their successes in life to someone else. I’d like to thank God/my husband/my team/my children/my parents etc. I’m not by any means saying we shouldn’t show gratitude to everyone who got us where we are.

But why aren’t we ever on the list?

Because we are supposed to be humble. “Bragging” isn’t polite.

Today I used my thank you letter journal to write a letter thanking myself. I thanked myself for building a business that allows me the flexibility to take 8 days off to take care of my kids. I thanked myself for taking my health seriously and not quitting this time. I thanked myself for sharing my stories with the intent of trying to inspire someone else. I thanked myself for be brave enough to do things that scare me.

When is the last time you thanked yourself? You’re freaking awesome and if you don’t recognize it and give gratitude to yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?

Lisa Nichols says how she loves herself is the example to the world of how they should love her. That’s 100% true.

If you won’t give yourself credit for the amazing things you do, why would you expect the world to do it?

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