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The last 90 days... of the decade

4:30 am. The house is quiet except for the cats trying to knock over their food and water bowls (why do they continue to do that?).

I walk to the bathroom and splash cold water on my face. 4:30 is early and I’m going to need a little extra help waking up this morning.

I shuffle down the hall to the kitchen to warm up some water to steep my tea. It’ll most likely sit it next to me as I meditate, I’ll forget about it and have to warm it back up later, but the routine of making it first thing gives my morning some much needed structure.

Headphones in. I am affirmations on for 12 minutes.

Today marks the start of the last 90 days of the decade. Not just the year. The decade.

The last 90 days of the year are notoriously stressful for makers. Half your income for the year rolls in at the speed of a fighter jet in roughly 6 weeks time, leaving you feeling jostled and blown around. It’s a whirlwind time and if you’re not careful, you can get carried away in the stress of it all.

This year I’m taking control of my stress by taking control of my morning and my habits.

Waking up at 5am each day to complete the StoryAthlete challenge has been transformative. I start my day calm and in control. No chaos. Time for myself to meditate, pray, think and write. Time for gratitude. Time to sit in silence. Possibly time to drink the cup of tea I made.

I get to wake my family up for their day already in a good headspace. Even if they wake up off kilter (toddlers are very unpredictable) I’m not thrown off balance by their mood because I’ve taken the time to stabilize mine.

The last 90 days of the decade, for me, will be dedicated to building a strong foundation of habits and routines so I can start the first 90 days of the next decade the strongest I’ve ever been.

How will you end your decade?

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