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The minivan of pace cars.

In GRIT, every day after our workout, we have to write on a topic and share our thoughts with the team. Yesterday we had to reflect on being the pace car for others.

I may be looking forward to Scott as my pace car because he’s lost 80 pounds and reshaped his body and confidence already. Someone else may be looking to me as their pace car though, as an example of how to get started on their journey or how to fit daily exercise into being a busy mom.

When I wrote my context to my team I ended it with “I’m the minivan of pace cars.”

Some took that as me putting myself down. Heck no! Minivans are bomb!

They look pretty ordinary, right? They may not be flashy or known for being the fastest on the road (although, I dare you to race a mom who is late to the school drop off line...) but once you get inside you’re like, “dang...look at all these cool features!”

Does your sports car come with automatic sliding doors...I think not.

You know what the best part of a minivan is though? How many people it can carry.

You want to start your fitness journey even though you haven’t worked out in ten years? Come on, there’s room for you in the van.

You want to start an Etsy shop with your handmade wares, to make a little extra money to buy groceries each month? There’s room for you, we have third row seating.

You want to learn to share your story because you know someone else may need to hear it? Hold on, I’ve got an extra seat in my garage we can install between the middle bucket seats for more room.

The minivan may not have the speed or curvy shape of the traditional pace car but what it does have is a lot of capacity (and some cool features...).

If you’re looking for a pace car, scan the track for the nearest minivan. They always have room for you.

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